Oban Otters

Otter on a fishing boat Oban

I’m off to Mull to carry out a walkover survey later this week so we’ve had an afternoon and evening to spend in Oban. I really like Oban, the coming and going of the ferries and other boats, the hustle and bustle and of course the fish and chips. While we were waiting to board the ferry we were hanging around the harbour and noticed an otter swimming along. Closer observation showed she had a least one cub with her. We watched her for about ten minutes playing in the water before she headed towards a moored fishing boat. At this point she climbed the netting onto the boat and looked to be eating old bits of fish that were trapped in the netting while her cubs tried to work out how to join her. Some interesting behaviour to get to observe, presumably she was trying to teach the cubs how to scavenge from boats.

What a great way to spend a couple of hours, and all topped off with a CalMac ferry ride to Mull and a CalMac Christmas dinner.

Oban View
Oban harbour
Calmac Christmas Dinner
A Calmac ferry Christmas dinner