What am I doing now?

This page details the work-related projects I am currently working on and what interesting I am pursing in my spare time.


I am currently working as an Environmental Clerk of Works for NKT on the Shetland HVDC link project in Shetland. The work involves the usual ECoW work such as silt mitigation measures, water monitoring and compliance monitoring. The project has also presented some great opportunities for observing nesting waders and camera trapping otters.

Oystercatcher chick in hand
Otter in the sunlight
Environmental Watching Brief

Outside of Work

Outside of work I have been carrying out Upland Rover surveys as a volunteer for the BTO which is a great opportunity to contribute to the bird population dataset whilst seeing some remote and interesting places. I am also interested in sound recording of waders in their summer breeding grounds and am looking into ways to camera trap them without being intrusive to the behaviours. I’ve also been searching for nests and monitoring them.

Hen harrier
Thrift on a rocky shore
Great black-backed gull nest with two eggs
Osytercatcher chick
Sunrise at Eshaness with Ronas Hill in background

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