What am I doing now?

This page details the work-related projects I am currently working on and what interesting I am pursing in my spare time.

Work-related - Last Updated 26/04/2024

I am currently working as an Ornithologist, Ecologist and Environmental Clerk of Works on several projects in the Highlands and Islands, with recent visits to Orkney and Shetland.

Breeding bird survey season is also in full swing, with the first of the summer migrants coming through and protected species surveys also continue.

Male kingfisher sitting on a branch

Outside of Work - Last Updated 26/04/2024

It’s probably a good sign that you are in the right job, when you spend most of your free time doing the same as you are paid to do during the working week! I’m still experimenting with bioacoustics and setting up my Song Meter 2 to record nocturnal migration and the dawn chorus.¬†

Currently exploring the local area around where I live in the hope of finding a good camera trapping location for pine marten – watch this space.

Urban fox asleep

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