Night Heron – Shetland

Night heron Loch of Strom Shetland

The last few days have seen south-easterly winds and low cloud and fog over Shetland. This has resulted in a good number of passage migrants finding themselves grounded until the weather improves. My garden sits on the side of a loch that runs North to South so I’ve been treated to a few passerines visiting the garden feeders. Goldcrest, chaffinch, blackcap, chiffchaff, whitethroat and even a brambling have all made an appearance recently. 

Bramling face on in a pine tree
Female blackcap on a feeder Shetland

However, I was not prepared for the moment I got home from work just as someone reported a night heron nearby. Amazingly, I could see it from the garden! Shetland is just bonkers at times.

Night heron face on Loch of Strom Shetland