About Me – Charity Work

Wader Quest

Wader Quest Logo

For five years I volunteered for Wader Quest where I was a fundraiser, trustee and then chairman of the Executive Committee and Grants Committee. During my time at Wader Quest, I helped them achieve charity status and represented the charity at events such as the Scottish Ornithological Conference, Norfolk Bird Fair, Wirral Wader Festival, Spurn MigFest, Scottish Curlew Conference and British Bird Fair. I am now a member of Wader Quest’s Wader Guru panel which answers questions about waders sent in to their website.

Wader Quest with Chris Packham

Norfolk Bird Race/Bird Race Challenge

Norfolk Bird Race Logo

Co-founder and organiser of a charity bird race which raised money for BTO House Martin Appeal, Wader Quest and World Land Trust Blue-throated Macaw appeal. We were fortunate to get Bill Oddie to come along and help us launch the event although I couldn’t let him get his hands on the trophy he never won back in the original Big Bird Races of the 1980s.

Wrestling Bill Oddie fro the Big Bird Race Throphy